Ragnarok Rampage 2024: 
Nod to the Norns


Martial Activites

Ragnarok Rampage is proud to host Midlands Regional War Practice!

Why is this man smiling? Because he will see you at the War Practices at Ragnarok Rampage

The regional War Practices will offer: Armored, Rapier, C&T, Archery, Combat Archery, and Thrown Weapons

Andreas Backwode (Drew Nicholson) will be senior command staff on location (Facebook

Alexicratus (Hunter) will be Marshal in Charge (MIC) (carraigban.marshal@midrealm.org)

Contact either for more information!

Carraig Ban’s Annual and Very Respectable Pillow Fight Tourney

Adult brackets hosted by Barons Hiroaki and Kazuhiko and a children’s bracket by Lord Honda, with a fabulous prize for the absolute victor of each! This Tourney will take place Friday, June 14, at dusk.



Time Activity
9:00 am
Lists Open for Inspections and Authorizations
10:00 am
Everybody Gets a Prize Tournament!!!
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Regional Rapier Melee Practice
4:00 pm
Lists Close, thanks for the good time!

Everybody Gets a Prize Tournament!!!

All entrants donate one “prize” to the table, which can be anything you are willing
to part with (extra prizes will be available if you forget, so just come fence!). At the
conclusion everyone will take turns picking a prize from the table, everyone goes home
with something.

Scoring: Masters of Defense are worth 4 points; those with a Grant of Arms level
fencing award or Order of Chivalry are 3 points; Award of Arms level fencing award is 2
points; all other fencers are worth 1 point.

Format: Masters of Defense will take the field first, arranging themselves in a
circuit of some reasonable geometry (you all are MoDs, don’t pretend like you don’t
know geometry). Everyone else forms a line and enters to fight the first MoD for one
pass, then says thank you and moves on to the next MoD in the circuit. Fight everyone
in the circuit then report how many wins you have to the list table…and get some water.
Only those progreesing around the circuit are scoring points in this round. Next, the
GoA/Chivalry will take field, and everyone else (including the MoDs who just endured
this debacle) gets to cycle through the circuit scoring points for each victory. The
procedure repeats again with the AoA level fencers holding the field, finally followed by
our newer fencers. No one is required to fight all of these rounds, please measure your
own personal enjoyment and health against your desire (or lack) to score points.

Prizes: First choice of prize from the collective will go to the fencer who scores
the highest points total. Second choice goes to the highest scoring fencer who does not
have a fencing award, Third choice is for the high scoring AoA level fencer, fourth to the
GoA high scorer, and fifth to the MoD level top score (everyone only gets to pick once).
The rest of the prize choices will be according to points scores regardless of award

Regional Rapier Melee Practice

Various melee scenarios will be offered based on what we think may be
happening at Pennsic…or just whatever sounds fun. At some point in time we will
incoporate both spears and RBGs, so bring your toys.

Additional schedules to come soon!

For general martial activity questions, please contact the Marshal in Charge, Lord Alexi Cratus at carraigban.marshal@midrealm.org.

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