Ragnarok Rampage: Baldur’s Bash

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A&S Classes

Schedule of Classes on Saturday, June 11

Time Building Space 1 Building Space 2 Building Space 3 Newcomer's Point Courtesan Tent
Tafl Games: Learn the Rules of Play, presented by Xavier
Building an Event, presented by THL Elisabeta Fischer
Silver Ring Making, presented by Gunnarr Alfljot (part 1)
To Knot or Not, presented by Dame Nicholaa Halden
Queer Through the Ages: A Very Brief Look at LGBTQ+ People in Period, presented by Lord Akiyama Kazuhiko
Lunch: No Classes
Fibula Pins, presented by Dame Nicholaa Halden
Children's Activities, presented by Hildeborg Gunnarsdottir
Silver Ring Making, presented by Gunnarr Alfljot (part 2)
Dirty, Dirty Word, presented by Lady Bien-Venue la Riot
Aztec Myths and Legends, presented by Natalia
Spiffing Up Your SCA Campsite, presented by Lady Gillian Durham
Beginning Origami, presented by Hildeborg Gunnarsdottir
Reading Medieval Latin Manuscripts for Beginner's, presented by Balthazar the Painter
Norse Poetry, presented by Shoshanah bas Nachman
Prepare for Court at 5pm: No Classes


 Questions about classes should be directed to Lady Honda Reishi at lululahey@hotmail.com.

Class Descriptions

Norse Poetry Workshop

Presented by Shoshanah bas Nachman
In this workshop, we’ll become familiar with the Norse alliterative tradition and attempt to create something in the same style.


Dirty, Dirty Word

Presented by Bien-Venue la Riot
In a salon setting, discuss the historical and linguistic origins of taboo words.


Queer Through the Ages: A very brief look at LGBT folks in period

Presented by Akiyama Kazuhiko
In this class, we’ll learn about pre-1600 people who might not have been what we modernly understand to be cisgender and heterosexual. “Gee, Kazuhiko-san, that seems like very specific phrasing!” I hear you say, and you’re right! Come learn not only the WHO but the HOW of queer archaeology.



Presented by Nicholaa Halden
Hands on class on making simple fibula pins. Resultant pins will be donated to Their Royal Majesties.


To Knot or Not

Presented by Nicholaa Halden
Introduction to bead stringing.


Myths and Legends of the Aztecs 

Presented by Natalia Hruza
In this class you’ll learn about the myths and legends of the Aztec civilization through storytelling.


Reading Medieval Latin Manuscripts for Beginners

Presented by Balthazar the Painter
In this class, learn how to transcribe and then, using online tools, translate Latin manuscripts.


Spiffing up your SCA campsite

Presented by Gillian Durham
Mostly lecture, with some show-and-tell, of how you can work towards making your day or weekend camp look less modern, even if it’s not 100% “Period.”

Building an Event

Presented by THL Elisabeta Fischer
How to build an event including information on location needs, setting up departments, budgets and everything in between. This class also goes over required procedures and paperwork.


Kids’ Activities

Presented by Hildeborg Gunnarsdottir
Kids will have access to open crafts and games.


Beginning Origami

Presented by Hildeborg Gunnarsdottir
Learn about the ancient art of paper folding and make your own creations! This class is intended for beginners of all ages.


Tafl Games

Presented by Xavier
Learn the rules to hnefatafl (“viking chess”) and similar games, then play.


Silver Ring Making

Presented by Gunnarr Alfljot
This class will focus on the steps to create one or more silver rings.  This is a make and take class. Limited to 6 students.

A&S Baronial Championship Competition

The time has come for a new A&S Champion of Carraig Ban to be chosen.  If you wish to participate, but not compete for Champion, you may enter any of the three challenges.  Only competitors for Champion must participate in all three challenges.

  1. Create a weapon to kill Baldur.  In keeping with our Barony’s love of silliness, the weapon must incorporate mistletoe.  Examples include but are not limited to; an ode to mistletoe; a hairpin decorated with mistletoe; a dagger with mistletoe on the hilt. Anything connected to mistletoe.
  2. Once poor Baldur has succumbed to his mistletoe wound, he must stay in Hel until Ragnarok.  Your challenge is to give him something to do.  This is the only challenge that must include some form of documentation. 
  3. Let’s share our love of beauty with their Royal Highnesses by contributing to their coffers.  Create a dozen small tokens (hankies, rings, beads, etc) to donate as largess.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need help with an idea or entry, please let me know!  We would love to see all the beautiful things!

Artisans Green

Space will be provided for an A&S salon with shade, seating, and tables. Hang with fellow artisans, and show off your craft. Learn from each other, and enjoy the view of the events around you.

Children's Activites

More information Coming Soon! Stay up-to-date via our Facebook!


More information Coming Soon! Stay up-to-date via our Facebook!

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