Ragnarok Rampage 2023: 
Hel’s Belles

Martial Activites

Carraig Ban’s Annual and Very Respectable Pillow Fight Tourney

Hosted by Baron Honda and Lady Reishi, with a fabulous prize for the absolute victor! This Tourney will take place Friday, June 16, at dusk.

Ragnarok Rampage is proud to host Midlands Regional War Practice!

Why is this man smiling? Because he will see you at the War Practices at Ragnarok Rampage: Hel's Belles!

The regional War Practices will offer: Armored, Rapier, C&T, Archery, Combat Archery, and Thrown Weapons and Siege

Grimr (Greg Rice) will be senior command staff on location (Facebook

Alexicratus (Hunter) will be Marshal in Charge (MIC) (carraigban.marshal@midrealm.org)

Contact either for more information!

Additional Information and Schedules Coming soon!

For general martial activity questions, please contact the Marshal in Charge, Lord Alexi Cratus at carraigban.marshal@midrealm.org.

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