Ragnarok Rampage 2023:
Hel’s Belles


Feast and Food


The Carraig Ban Courtesans will host a Friday night no-frills dinner, featuring board games and friendship. While there is no formal charge for this meal, the suggested donation is $6.

Saturday Lunch

Baroness Katherine and the Barony of Carraig Ban will offer a simple lunch.

Plough-person’s lunch:

(Vegetarian and GF advised to order early)

Choice between
 – Roast beef sandwich
 – Grilled Chicken wrap with ranch
 – Vegetarian wrap with hummus Dried fruit and nuts

 – No bake chocolate oatmeal cookies
 – Another dessert TBD 

Water, lemonade, and coffee

Saturday Feast

Cold rosehip tea with lingonberry syrup
Cold barley water with honey

Rye bread*
Soft cheeses

Oven roasted chicken
Carrots with dill
Green soup

Braised lamb with barley pottage*
Salat of greens and herbs with mustard vinaigrette

Irish molasses bread*

Note: in the interests of inclusiveness, the feast is nut-free. Vegetarian pottage, and gluten-free substitutions for the starred items, will be available to those who request them before June 1 by emailing the feast steward, Lady Gillian Durham, at carraigban.chronicler@midrealm.org

For specific questions and allergy reports, contact Lady Gillain Durham at carraigban.chronicler@midrealm.org

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