Carraig Ban Baronial Election

As Carraig Ban says goodbye to our current Baron, His Excellency Honda Heihachiro, it is time for us to consider the future and choose our new Baron(s)/Baroness(es). Below you will find all electoral information. Polling links are at the bottom of the page.

A Word From The Middle Kingdom

The Crown of the Middle Kingdom wishes the widest possible counsel on matters relating to the Kingdom; thus, it is requested that all members respond to this baronial poll.

The Candidates

Akiyama Kazuhiko and Akiyama Hiroaki

To the Sum of all Midrealm and to the Fellowship of the Barony of Carraig Ban

On the Date of April III, A.S. LVII (2023)

We approach the end of an era, in which our Barony has grown and won out over outrageous misfortune. The steady hand of His Excellency Honda Heihachiro has steered our people through plague, uncertainty, and even the need to assume the full weight of his station upon the resignation of his co-Baron. It is thus that His Excellency Honda has truly earned his ease after serving so kindly and justly these past five years.

Carraig Ban, therefore, shall need fresh hands to guide her through the next adventures, as she has recovered and grown. New members will look to their baronage for a brightly encouraging voice, and those who are the bedrock of the barony must be able to trust in the equilibrium of a changed guard. It is thus that we, Akiyama Kazuhiko, armiger, and Lord Akiyama Hiroaki, do offer our humble hearts, minds, and bodies, to serve our honorable fellows in the role of the Barons of Carraig Ban.

Our desire to serve as Barons for our home is not one born from an assumption that we are the most worthy, most noble, or most deserving of glory. Rather, we view the mantle of baronial leadership as one of important work: work to bring glory and honor to the people of Carraig Ban; to not take the spotlight, but instead to direct its shine upon our people. It is because we value the people of our barony so highly that we wish to have the chance to illuminate them so.

We, Clan Akiyama, have the resources and ability to manage the tasks of Baronial leadership. We have the ability to travel, the time to invest, and the skills of courtesy, empathy, knowledge, and patience. We have helped grow our membership with a conscious focus on welcoming a diverse populace. We have explicitly demonstrated this commitment in each of the offices we have held. Armiger Kazuhiko has held the offices of Minister of Arts and Sciences, Herald, and Chatelaine. Lord Hiroaki has held the offices of Exchequer and Seneschal, as well as interim web minister during a time of transition between platforms. This competence of duties has trained us in most fields of baronial management. We have stewarded events together, showing our ability to work together, as well as to divide tasks equitably through and despite stresses. We stewarded the first major event of our barony after the easing of the Plague Times, and the only infections to come out of that event were ourselves. We were proud to have kept our people safe as we gathered together after so long apart. In the year before, we also helped continue event traditions across the Ethereal Realms. When the event steward that year had to scrap the plans for the physical event, we took up the task of creating a digital event. We took specific care to host trainings for those unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the digital environment to make sure that all could participate.

We are both members of marginalized identities: Lord Hiroaki is disabled, transgender, and non-binary; Armiger Kazuhiko is transgender and neurodivergent. These identities and the experiences we have had related to them has helped us build strong empathy for the struggles and experiences of all sorts of people. We may never know what it is to be a member of a specific group, but we can use our knowledge of our own experiences to unite with others in their needs. We have learned to listen.

Throughout our time in this barony, we have tried to find opportunities to identify and honor the efforts and activities of those living and creating in Carraig Ban. As Barons we would be able to expand that ability. We want to bring the deserved recognition to these good people that they absolutely deserve. And we want to create more opportunities for new people to get excited about playing in our shared world where they can feel safe and welcomed.

In terms of the Society, we are of a “lower” rank than might be expected for the coronet. We both hold a Purple Fret, and Kazuhiko is a member of the Order of the Willow. We also hold parallel awards from our previous home in Atlantia. Regardless, though, we have worked to demonstrate our commitment to serving our group outside of the usual paths through ranks. We have always been committed to helping our barony prosper regardless of personal recognition. Clan Akiyama has kept an open door for Carraig Ban at all times: food for visitors, beds for those who need it, space for convivial meetings, and warmth for those in times of trouble. We would continue to do so, but as Barons we would have the ability to expand these sorts of comforts to more of our populace.

There is one last thing to mention: the duties of the Baronage also include those less sparkling tasks. The baronage of the realm must work to solve problems as they arise. Good gardeners must showcase roses, but must also navigate thorns. We are well-versed in the sorts of interpersonal troubles that spring up when many and diverse people come together, and have participated in efforts to reconcile fights and bad blood. While these moments are less pleasurable, they are inevitable. In order to help resolve these issues, we have proactively helped organize a conflict resolution workshop for officers, and have individual mundane backgrounds in management, accessibility justice, and policy writing.

It is therefore our intent to submit the offer of ourselves as candidates for Barons of Carraig Ban for a period of five years. We believe that we are the best candidates currently available, and that we have the skills, knowledge, and temperament to allow Carraig Ban to flourish. We thank our dear home for the chance to serve, and look forward to the judgement of our predecessor and of our Royal Majesties.

Yours in Service,

Akiyama Kazuhiko 
Akiyama Hiroaki

Honorable Lady Grainne inghea Donnchadh

Unto the members of the Barony of Carraig Ban and Esteemed Majeses and Highnesses of the Midrealm,

I hereby share my desire to serve the Barony of Carraig Ban as Baroness. 

My vision for the Barony is to encourage the magic of the Dream to live and thrive by creating an inclusive environment for all members, to share the pageantry, romance, and chivalry with our communities, and to create beauty by encouraging members to learn and grow in their chosen field. 

The position of baronage is one of service to the Crown of the Midrealm, the barony members, and the kingdom. It is a job requiring empathy, understanding, and good communication skills, especially the ability to listen. It requires the ability and desire to put the glory of the populace and the kingdom above ones own. 

I have a deep love of the SCA: the chivalry, pageantry, beauty, romance, and magic that make up our Dream. As a long time member, I know from experience and observation that those ideals take a great deal of effort and work, work which brings a great deal of satisfaction, joy, and fun. I also care deeply about the members of the organization. It is a joy to share the successes of both experienced members and newcomers, both with them and with the rest of the Kingdom, in whatever wonderful activities of the Modern Middle Ages they chose to participate in.

I would be humbled and honored to serve as a representative of both the populace of the Barony of Carraig Ban and the Crown of the Middle Kingdom. 

In Service to the Dream, 

Honorable Lady Grainne inghea Donnchadh 

Award of Arms. 8 May, 1993 
Maple Leaf of Artemisia. 18, Nov, 1995 
Grant of Arms. 5 Dec 1998 
Order of the Willow. 25 Sep 2021


Polls open:  12:00 am CDT, Thursday, May 11 – 11:59 pm CDT, Thursday, June 1.

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